About Our Company


We’re proud to run the finest vegetarian/vegan soul food restaurant in Chicago, IL. People come from all around to sample the vegan food on our menus, each dish prepared by skilled chefs who use only the best ingredients.


Soul food is one of the most popular kinds of food in the United States today, with millions enjoying its mix of hearty flavors. As a vegetarian restaurant, we also offer healthier foods than those found at other establishments. You’ll definitely want to try our delicious vegan desserts.


You’ll even be able to find a fully-stocked juice bar on the premises. This gives you access to highly nutritious beverages that also taste great. At our bar, you’ll also have the chance to buy vegan groceries, for your own home cooking.


If you want to try our unforgettable meals, you should visit our soul food restaurant at Original Soul Vegetarian in Chicago, IL.




Why Choose Us

  • Excellent Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine
  • Fully-Stocked Juice Bar
  • Great Service


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